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Show results 2015

Fleece Show 2015:

CD Tiësto: Colour Champion Huacaya Beige ( 19 pnts. fineness/handle!)
CD Tiësto: 1st Huacaya Intermediate Beige
CD Tiësto: Special Award : Best Crimp!







Gilt Edge Fire ‘n Ice: 4th Huacaya Adult Fawn (19.5 pnts. fineness/handle!)
CD Eyecatcher: 6th Huacaya Adult Fawn (19.5 pnts. fineness/handle!) 


This is our lovely Eyecatcher! She was born too early and was not able to stand or walk. With lots of patience we teached her how to walk and now she got a ribbon for her fleece! She is doing very well and we are very proud on her !



 Alpacashow Meppel 2015:

CD Tiësto : Champion Huacaya Beige!
CD Tiësto : 1st Beige Huacaya Intermediate Male
CD Havannah : 2nd White Huacaya Junior Female
CD Gentle : 3rd Black Huacaya Junior Male






Alpacashow Hapert 2015:

CD Tiësto : Colour Champion Males Beige !
CD Havannah : Colour Champion Females Beige !
CD Dolores : Reserve Colour Champion Females Beige!
CD Ambition : 3de Adult Males Beige
Brabant Kashmir : 2e Progeny Huacaya Males met team : LL Hewie, CD Tiësto en CD Ambition