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In 1990 we bought our first alpaca’s. They lived together with some guanaco’s, nandoes and deers. When in 1991 our first alpaca cria was born they really stole our heart. This little cria was a male, who lived at our farm for 19 years. In the winter of 2009 he died from age. In 1992 we got our first female cria. She also lived a long life at our farm until she died in June 2014 at the age of 22 years. She was blind the last 14 years of her life but always could find her way without our help.

Past years the alpaca in Benelux is getting more popular and there is much more knowledge about them. Our goal is to breed alpaca’s with a good posture and very fine fleeces. This is where we select our studmales and females having a maximum of 15/16 micron or lower at their first fleece.

At the moment we have a herd of about 25 alpaca’s. We organise and participate at the alpacashows in the Benelux and are very happy and satisfied to see the improvement during the past years. We help other breeders to set up their farms and give advise in case needed.

Thru this website we hope we can share our knowledge with other alpaca breeders !