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Stud service

At the age of 18 months a young female generally is ready to be served by a studmale. Sometimes when the female reaches a weight of 45 kilos at an earlier age she is ready for mating earlier, and in the other hand when she remains a little small she might be ready for mating at two years old. When she lies down besides a studmale and she doesnot want to move, she is ready for it.

It has no sense to start mating a female when she is stressed and spitting-off. You can be sure that the mating would not be a success !

We offer studservice using following studmales :
–          Gilt Edge Avenger (SW)
–          Brabant Kashmir (LF)
–          CD Dynamo
–          TO High Command (MF)
–          Bonnac Achilles (Black)

In case you ‘drive-by’ with your female, the mating will take place in a seperate stable or box. We kindly ask you to check if the female is ready for mating in order to avoid disappointment and time spilling. You will check your female on pregnancy by yourself.

In case of ‘mobile mating’ we kindly ask you to take care that the female is ready in a seperate box before we arrive with the studmale. The female needs to have a minimum age of 18 months and checked if she is ready for mating. We travel with the studmales in a circle of max. 50 km. from our place. You will check your female on pregnancy by yourself.

The studfee is mentioned in a contract, which needs to be signed before the mating takes place. After confirmation of pregnancy we will send a guarantee on a live birth of the cria. In case the pregnancy has been terminated or there will be no live birth, mating will be done all over. After 11 / 12 months we hope there will be a nice cria !