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The alpaca is a very easy animal to be held in a herd. 

The alpacas are shorn once a year. Best is to sheer them in spring before the summer heat starts. Sheering them early in the year prevents heat stress. By sheering them the animals are kept clean and it is easier to notice skin diseases. Also the mating is easier and for the cria it is easier to drink. During sheering the toes can be clipped and teeth trimmed. Alpacas are shorn stretched out on the floor, restrained by the legs.

In average an alpaca has a fleece of about 1-3 kilos, depending on wool quality and the age of the alpaca.

Twice a year alpacas need to be treated for worms and clostridia.

In all these years we have experienced very few incidence of sickness in the alpacas. Old age has been the most common reason.

If a cria does not look well, generally when born in the autumn or wintertime, a good remedy is to give it an extra injection with Vitamine D (1-2 cc). Usually within a few days the cria will have much more energy.

Alpacas eat mostly grass and hay when grass is short. In addition we feed them Alpamin and Alprophos to ensure they get the necessary vitamins and minerals.