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Alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is getting more popular since an increasing number of alpaca farms in New Zealand, Australia, Peru and other countries are producing luxurious products from it. Nowadays in Holland and Belgium breeders are looking for a better wool quality in alpacas. The evaluation parameters are as follows:

The average ‘fiber diameter’ is announced in micron:

– Standard Deviation (SD) in %
– Coefficient in variation (CV) in %
– The number of ‘fibers’ > 30 micron.
– Average crimp of fiber in deg/mm.

An example of wool quality of fleece from a Huacaya alpaca:

– 15.6 micron
– SD = 2.9
– CV = 18.0
– Fibers > 30 = 0.5%
– Mean Curve = 63.7 deg./mm.

This fleece is judged to have a very nice quality, with a very good number of micron, a SD which is excellent (<5%) and a good coefficient of variation (<25%) and a nice crimpstyle. When an alpaca grows older the statistics of the fleece will change.

Fire 'n Ice

We have alpaca wool for sale, coming from our own alpacas. The price per 100 gram is € 17,95. At this moment we only have available wool in the beige colour. Are you interested? Please mail us.