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Buy an alpaca – points of attention

Before you decide to buy a couple of alpaca’s we should advise you to get as much as information as possible. The main points you have to consider are f.i. the space they need. A pasture of minimum 1000 m2 for 2 alpaca’s is a ‘must’. Alpacas live in a herd , which means they need to live together with a minimum of 2 alpaca’s. Better should be a couple of 3 alpaca’s. This could be wethers (castrated males) or a combination of wethers and females. Never put a studmale and female together in the same pasture. The studmale will try to mate the female all the time, even if she is pregnant, and sooner or later it will give problems. It would be fine to have a studmale  together with f.i. a wether or a group of studmales together.

Also the fence and design of the pasture is important. Before letting the alpaca’s in the pasture, it should be checked upon eventual poisoning plants. A height of 1.80 m. of the fence between the females and studmales is recommended. Between females and young animals a height of 1.20 m. is sufficient. Pins at the fence are dangerous and could also destroy their fleeces.

The alpaca’s like to have a place where they can shelter for rain or sunshine. This could be an open shelter with a roof or a stable.

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